How to Easily Remote Start Toyota Highlander 2021: Beginners Guide




To remote start the 2021 Toyota Highlander, utilize the key fob and follow the vehicle’s instructions. The Toyota Highlander 2021 model can be conveniently remote started using the key fob.

The Toyota Highlander 2021 offers the convenience of remote starting, allowing you to warm up or cool down your vehicle before getting in. This feature is especially useful in extreme weather conditions, ensuring a comfortable ride right from the start.

By utilizing the key fob, you can easily activate the remote start function on your Toyota Highlander. Look for the remote start button on the key fob, usually marked with an icon resembling a car with an arrow, and press it to start the engine remotely. Follow the instructions provided by your specific Toyota Highlander model for any additional steps or specific requirements. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of remote starting your Toyota Highlander 2021.

**Understanding The Benefits Of Remote Start**

The benefits of remote starting a Toyota Highlander 2021 are convenient and time-saving. With the ability to start your car remotely, you can warm it up in winter or cool it down in summer before getting inside. Simplify your life with remote start technology.

Understanding The Benefits Of Remote Start

Convenient and time-saving solution:

  • Remote start technology allows you to start your Toyota Highlander 2021 from a distance, saving you time and effort. No more waiting around in the cold or heat for your car to warm up or cool down; simply use your remote to start the engine remotely.
  • By the time you reach your vehicle, it will be at a comfortable temperature, ready for you to jump in and hit the road.

Increase in comfort and luxury:

  • With remote start, you can enjoy a more comfortable driving experience. Whether it’s a freezing winter day or a scorching summer afternoon, you can preheat or pre-cool your car before you even step inside.
  • Imagine getting into your Toyota Highlander and finding the perfect temperature set just for you. No more fumbling with buttons or waiting for the climate control to catch up.

Enhanced safety features:

  • Remote start offers more than just convenience and comfort—it also prioritizes your safety. When you start your car remotely, the doors remain locked, ensuring that no unauthorized individuals can enter your vehicle while you’re away.
  • Additionally, many remote start systems come with integrated security features such as alarm systems and panic buttons, allowing you to feel more secure and in control of your vehicle.

Remote start technology for the Toyota Highlander 2021 brings a multitude of benefits. It provides a convenient and time-saving solution by allowing you to start your car remotely, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. Moreover, it enhances safety features, giving you peace of mind.

So why not make your life easier and enjoy these advantages by incorporating remote start into your Toyota Highlander? Embrace the future of automotive technology!

**What You Need To Know Before Starting**

Before you remote start your Toyota Highlander 2021, it’s important to know the necessary steps for a successful start. Be sure to follow the guidelines carefully to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

What You Need To Know Before Starting

The Toyota Highlander 2021 comes with convenient remote start functionality. Before you begin using this feature, it’s important to understand a few key points that will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Compatible Models And Trims

The remote start feature is available on select trims of the Toyota Highlander 2021. Make sure to check if your model and trim support this functionality before attempting to use it. Compatible models include:

  • Toyota Highlander 2021 XLE
  • Toyota Highlander 2021 Limited
  • Toyota Highlander 2021 Platinum

Please note that the remote start feature may not be available on all trims, so it’s advisable to consult your vehicle’s manual or contact your local Toyota dealership for more information.

Key Fob Requirements

To utilize the remote start feature, you will need a compatible key fob. The key fob should be equipped with the remote start button. Ensure that you have the correct key fob that matches the specifications of your Toyota Highlander 2021.

If you are unsure, refer to the owner’s manual or consult with your Toyota dealer.

Vehicle System Setup

Before you can start your Toyota Highlander 2021 remotely, you need to set up the vehicle’s system accordingly. Follow these steps to ensure a proper setup:

  • Ensure that all doors, windows, and the liftgate are securely closed.
  • Make sure the vehicle is in park mode and the engine is off.
  • Press the lock button on your key fob.
  • Within five seconds of pressing the lock button, press and hold the remote start button until the vehicle turns on.

Once the vehicle starts remotely, the engine will run for a predetermined duration before turning off automatically. This time duration can be adjusted according to your preference. Refer to your vehicle’s manual for detailed instructions on adjusting the duration.

Remember, remote start is not available on hybrid models of the Toyota Highlander 2021. It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific operations and limitations of the remote start feature on your vehicle.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can enjoy the convenience of remotely starting your Toyota Highlander 2021 and ensure a seamless experience every time.

**Step-By-Step Guide To Remote Starting Your Toyota Highlander 2021**

Learn how to remote start your Toyota Highlander 2021 with this step-by-step guide. Follow the instructions to easily start your vehicle remotely and enjoy a convenient and comfortable driving experience.

Step-By-Step Guide To Remote Starting Your Toyota Highlander 2021

Remote starting your Toyota Highlander 2021 can be a convenient feature that allows you to start your vehicle from a distance, ensuring a comfortable and climate-controlled interior when you’re ready to hit the road. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you master the process:

Checking The Vehicle’S Surroundings:

  • Ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and open area, away from any obstacles or hazards that may interfere with starting or driving the car.
  • Verify that the car is in park or neutral, as remote starting is only possible in these gears.
  • Make sure all doors, including the trunk, are securely closed before initiating remote start.

Activating The Remote Start Feature Using The Key Fob:

  • Locate the key fob, which is the remote control device for your Toyota Highlander 2021.
  • Press the lock button on the key fob, then quickly press and hold the remote start button (usually depicted by a circular arrow symbol) for a few seconds until the vehicle starts.
  • Wait for the engine to start, and the parking lights to flash as confirmation that remote starting is successful.

Adjusting Climate Control Settings For Optimal Comfort:

  • Once the vehicle has started using remote start, you can adjust the climate control settings to ensure your desired comfort level.
  • Open the driver’s side door and enter the vehicle within 10 minutes of remote starting. The engine will continue to run, maintaining the temperature.
  • Use the climate control buttons on the dashboard to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and airflow to your liking.
  • Take advantage of features like heated seats or defrost settings to customize the interior environment to your preferences.

Disabling The Remote Start Feature:

  • If you wish to disable the remote start feature prematurely, press the lock button on the key fob to turn off the engine.
  • Alternatively, you can start the vehicle using the physical ignition key instead of remote start.

By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to effortlessly remote start your Toyota Highlander 2021, ensuring a comfortable and convenient driving experience every time. Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with this impressive feature.

**Troubleshooting Common Remote Start Issues**

Having trouble with your Toyota Highlander 2021 remote start? Learn how to troubleshoot common issues and get your remote start working smoothly.

Troubleshooting Common Remote Start Issues

Having trouble with your Toyota Highlander 2021 remote start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll address some common issues that you may encounter with your remote start system. By understanding and troubleshooting these problems, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of remote starting your vehicle without any hassles.

Battery Drain Concerns And Solutions

Remote start systems are designed to make your life easier, but they can also put a strain on your vehicle’s battery. Here are some concerns and solutions to keep in mind:

  • Shortened battery life: The constant use of the remote start feature can lead to a drained battery over time. To mitigate this issue, consider the following solutions:
  • Enable the “Auto Stop” feature: Some Toyota Highlander 2021 models have an auto stop feature that turns off the engine after an extended period of idling to save battery power.
  • Get a battery with higher capacity: Upgrading to a higher capacity battery can provide more power and minimize the risk of drainage.
  • Regularly drive your vehicle: Taking your Toyota Highlander for regular drives can help recharge the battery and prevent it from draining.
  • Failed remote start attempts: Sometimes, your remote start may not work properly. Here are a few potential reasons and solutions:
  • Insufficient fuel level: Ensure that your fuel level is above the required threshold for remote start to function. Some Toyota Highlander models may require at least a quarter tank of fuel for remote start to work.
  • Check for error codes: If you’re experiencing repeated failed attempts, check for any error codes displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard. These codes can help identify the specific issue and guide you towards the necessary troubleshooting steps.
  • Consult the owner’s manual: Refer to the owner’s manual specific to your Toyota Highlander 2021 model for troubleshooting instructions and to ensure you’re following the correct remote start procedures.

Proper Understanding Of Remote Start Limitations

While remote start systems offer convenience, it’s crucial to be aware of their limitations to avoid any frustrations. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Inability to operate from long distances: Remote start systems have a limited range, typically about 80 feet or less. Ensure that you’re within the specified range for the system to function properly.
  • Safety mechanisms: Remote starting your vehicle may shut off if certain safety mechanisms are activated, such as open doors or the hood. Before using the remote start, ensure all doors, hood, and trunk are properly closed.
  • Time limitations: Remote start systems generally have a time limit for engine running. This feature is designed to prevent unnecessary idling and conserve fuel. If your vehicle shuts off automatically after a certain period, it’s best to follow the prescribed time limits.

Addressing Potential Connectivity Problems

Sometimes, connectivity issues can hinder the functioning of your remote start system. Here are a few tips to address potential connectivity problems:

  • Check remote batteries: Ensure that the batteries in your remote are functional and have sufficient power. Weak batteries can affect the range and signal strength of your remote.
  • Obstacles and interference: Certain obstacles or other electronic devices can interfere with the signal between your remote and the vehicle. Try to operate your remote start system in open areas where there are minimal obstructions.
  • Contact customer support: If you’re experiencing persistent connectivity issues, it’s advisable to contact the customer support of Toyota or your local dealership for further assistance.

By troubleshooting these common remote start issues, you’ll be able to make the most of your Toyota Highlander 2021’s remote start system. Enjoy the convenience and ease of starting your vehicle from a distance with peace of mind.

**Exploring Advanced Remote Start Features**

The Toyota Highlander 2021 offers advanced remote start features for enhanced convenience. Experience the convenience of remotely starting your Highlander with ease.

Exploring Advanced Remote Start Features

If you own a Toyota Highlander 2021 and are looking to enhance your driving experience, you’ll be pleased to know that the advanced remote start features allow you to do just that. From scheduling remote starts in advance to using smartphone apps for convenience, and even customizing and personalizing your remote start settings, these features provide you with added control and flexibility.

Let’s explore each of these features in detail:

Scheduling Remote Start In Advance

  • Set specific times: With the remote start feature, you can schedule your Toyota Highlander 2021 to start at precise times, ensuring that your vehicle is ready to go when you need it.
  • Climate control: By scheduling remote start in advance, you can also adjust your vehicle’s climate control settings, ensuring a comfortable temperature before you even step inside.
  • Peace of mind: Whether it’s during extreme weather conditions or simply to have your vehicle warmed up or cooled down before you embark on your journey, scheduling remote start in advance offers convenience and peace of mind.

Using Smartphone Apps For Remote Start

  • Easy accessibility: By utilizing smartphone apps, such as the Toyota Remote Connect app, you can remotely start your Toyota Highlander 2021 with just a few taps on your phone screen.
  • Convenience at your fingertips: Whether you’re inside your home, an office building, or a crowded parking lot, using a smartphone app allows you to start your vehicle from a distance, ensuring a comfortable environment upon your arrival.
  • Additional features: Smartphone apps for remote start often offer additional features, such as locking and unlocking your doors, checking your vehicle’s status, or even locating your Highlander in a parking lot.

Customizing And Personalizing Remote Start Settings

  • Tailored preferences: The advanced remote start features of the Toyota Highlander 2021 allow you to customize and personalize various settings according to your specific preferences.
  • Climate control customization: You can adjust and save preferred climate control settings, ensuring that your vehicle maintains your desired temperature every time you start it remotely.
  • Vehicle settings: From radio presets to seat positions, the remote start settings can be customized to match your individual preferences, providing a truly personalized driving experience.

With these advanced remote start features, the Toyota Highlander 2021 offers enhanced convenience and comfort. So, go ahead and explore the scheduling capabilities, harness the power of smartphone apps, and tailor the remote start settings to perfectly suit your needs.

Take control of your driving experience and enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience at your fingertips.

**Best Practices To Ensure A Smooth Remote Start Experience**

Ensure a smooth remote start experience for your Toyota Highlander 2021 with these best practices. Follow these guidelines to optimize your remote start process and enjoy the convenience and comfort of starting your vehicle remotely.

Best Practices To Ensure A Smooth Remote Start Experience

The remote start feature on the Toyota Highlander 2021 can provide a convenient and comfortable experience. To make the most out of this feature and ensure a smooth remote start every time, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Regular Maintenance And System Updates

  • Schedule regular maintenance: Keeping your vehicle in top condition is crucial for a successful remote start. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections.
  • Keep the battery in good shape: A healthy battery is essential for the remote start feature to function properly. Check your battery regularly, keeping it clean and free from corrosion. If you notice any issues, have it inspected and replaced if necessary.
  • Update your vehicle’s software: Manufacturers often release software updates to improve system performance and address any bugs. Stay up to date with these updates by visiting the Toyota website or contacting your local dealership.

Safety Precautions And Considerations

  • Ensure the vehicle is parked in a safe location: Before using the remote start feature, make sure your Toyota Highlander is parked in a secure and well-ventilated area, away from any hazards or flammable materials.
  • Confirm the engine starts successfully: When using remote start, it’s essential to ensure the engine starts without any issues. Take a few moments to listen and confirm that the vehicle has started properly.
  • Secure your vehicle: Remember to always lock your vehicle after using remote start, as the engine may continue to run but the doors may remain unlocked. This step will help protect your vehicle from theft or unauthorized access.

Tips For Conserving Fuel During Remote Start

  • Set an appropriate run time: Adjust the run time of your remote start to fit your needs and the outside temperature. Longer run times consume more fuel, so finding the right balance is key.
  • Warm up gradually: While it’s tempting to immediately blast the heat or air conditioning, gradually increase the temperature to conserve fuel. This allows the engine to warm up efficiently and minimizes unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Utilize seat warmers: If your Toyota Highlander is equipped with seat warmers, take advantage of this feature to keep you comfortable without relying solely on the climate control system. Seat warmers use less energy and can save fuel during remote start.

By following these best practices, you can enhance your remote start experience with the Toyota Highlander 2021. Remember to prioritize regular maintenance, ensure safety precautions, and conserve fuel effectively. Enjoy the convenience and comfort that remote start brings to your driving experience.

**Frequently Asked Questions**

The Toyota Highlander 2021 can be remote started by following a few simple steps. Easily start your vehicle from a distance for added convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Remote Start Be Installed In Older Toyota Highlander Models?

  • Yes, remote start can be installed in older Toyota Highlander models. By choosing an aftermarket remote start system, you can enjoy the convenience of starting your vehicle remotely, even if it doesn’t come with built-in remote start functionality.

How far can I be from the vehicle for remote start to work?

  • You can be up to 80 feet away from the vehicle for the remote start to work. This range may vary depending on the specific remote start system you choose and environmental factors such as obstructions and interference.

Will Remote Start Void My Vehicle’S Warranty?

  • Remote start will not void your vehicle’s warranty if it is installed properly by a professional technician. However, it’s essential to verify with the manufacturer or your dealership to understand your warranty’s terms and conditions regarding aftermarket installations. It’s always recommended to use reputable brands and have the installation done by certified technicians to ensure your warranty remains intact.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Remote Start Toyota Highlander 2021

How Do I Remote Start My Toyota Highlander 2021?

To remote start your Toyota Highlander 2021, press the lock button on your key fob, then press and hold the remote start button for a few seconds.

Can I Remote Start My Toyota Highlander 2021 From Inside My House?

Yes, you can remote start your Toyota Highlander 2021 from inside your house as long as you are within the remote start range.

What Is The Maximum Range For Remote Start On Toyota Highlander 2021?

The maximum range for remote start on Toyota Highlander 2021 is typically around 80 feet, but it may vary depending on environmental factors.

Does Toyota Highlander 2021 Have A Built-In Remote Start Feature?

Yes, the Toyota Highlander 2021 is equipped with a built-in remote start feature that can be activated using the key fob.

Do I Need A Subscription To Use The Remote Start Feature On Toyota Highlander 2021?

No, you do not need a subscription to use the remote start feature on Toyota Highlander 2021. It is a standard feature included with the vehicle.

Is It Possible To Schedule A Remote Start For My Toyota Highlander 2021?

Yes, you can schedule a remote start for your Toyota Highlander 2021 using the Toyota Remote Connect app.


To sum up, remote starting your Toyota Highlander 2021 is a convenient feature that can enhance your driving experience. With just a few simple steps, you can start your vehicle from a distance, ensuring it is comfortable and ready to go when you are.

The key is to ensure that you have the right equipment, such as a compatible remote starter and a reliable mobile app. Follow the instructions provided by Toyota and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.

By remote starting your Toyota Highlander, you can enjoy benefits such as warming up or cooling down the interior, melting snow or ice, and improving fuel efficiency. So, why not take advantage of this technology and make your life easier?

Upgrade your driving experience today with remote start for your Toyota Highlander 2021.

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